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Hahahahahah what am I doing here!

Commissions - Closed by SweetDuke.: Read the comments :. Stamp by Beti-Kot

Read my FAQ here.


I apologize for over a year of absence. 

I am not going to lie, I have personally not wanted to even touch or look at deviantart for over a year now. The thousands of notifications daily, so many, so so many people messaging me asking if I will do commissions when I stopped due to complete overload.
And a general absence of my own well being. 

For the past 3ish years I have done my best to provide for the brony and wider community, for those that may lack the experience or knowledge, or for those that just find it plain easier to use bases to achieve whatever outcome they wish to reach. A way to draw or illustrate their own OC/s through a variety of multimedia, and I have done this task through bases, tutorials as well as physical help and exchanging ideas, and I would not trade that for the world.
But honestly even though it took very little effort on my part (base making is very easy, you just need to put in the time), I found it more of a chore constantly, and while I will continue to create bases for fun, It is not as fun as what it was when I started.
This is the mentality I have been kind of seeing through for the past several years, or maybe close to an entire decade now.
Everything I have done becomes a chore (especially actual chores), I have worked real jobs, loved them, spent money in education to pursue them, only to get bored and physically sick and unable to do them, which is no way to earn a living in life, and I knew I had to toughen up, but instead I chose to skirt around my problems, and rather then putting effort in, i put the minimum required to get by in life.

Paired with my social-anxiety, depression and weekly and dragged out psychologist sessions, I realized what I have isn't that bad and I really need to toughen the fuck up. I put one thing off and my mindset lead me to shut down on other aspects of my life.

So I apologize for my lack of any good or creative content, other then half-assed vector wallpapers that took me a few minutes, that I churned out just to say I still existed.

I want to, and I will, get back into making bases, I have started on schooling (after I ultra fucked up my high-schooling, but that is a different story) and I am working towards a Bachelor in IT.
There are other avenues I want to pursue and other art styles and forms that I will try out along the way. But all of this takes time, and time is something that I wish I hadn't wasted over the past 2 years since ending high school.

So I will try my best to push out more, be more active with everyone on deviantart, and all else that has to bring.

I ran away from my problems, and those that I couldn't run away from, I created excuses just for a few short moments of freedom before being pinned by them again.
I hope all of you do not have to deal with what I experienced, even though there are many in the world dealing with far worse then my first world problems.

  • Mood: Miserable

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